Established 8 years ago, Fabric is an exclusive men’s designer boutique, where international super brands meets the ultimate fashion leaders including designers such as Hugo Boss, Stone Island, CP Company and Y-3 plus many more exclusive labels including Armani Jeans, Lacoste, Money & Luke.

Fabric was established in 2007. Since then the store has evolved into a premium destination for style savvy customers wanting style, originality and excellent service.



 01803 213993




Monday 09.30am- 17.30pm
Tuesday 09.30am- 17.30pm
Wednesday 09.30am- 17.30pm
Thursday 09.30am- 17.30pm
Friday 09.30am- 17.30pm
Saturday 09.30am- 17.30pm
Sunday 10.00am- 16.30pm


Fabric Torquay
Fabric Torquay2 days ago
Today is The Day to remember.... I remember my Grandad.... Only just though . Me , knee high to a grasshopper, Grandad a tall imposing military man .... My Grandad .... a brave brave man .... Awarded The Military Cross TWICE ! Taking a German trench of 8 soldiers in the 1st World War on his own ! He was also a lucky man ... he came back , had a long happy life , a family & grandchildren ( me being the eldest & entrusted with looking after his medals ) . Some were not so lucky so .... Today is The Day to remember !
Fabric Torquay
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COMING SOON...... #Belstaff
Fabric Torquay
Fabric Torquay3 days ago
Time for a visit to The Casual Tailor ! Stunning Winter Collections from Hugo Boss , Emporio Armani, EA7, Stone Island, CP Company, Paul & Shark, Mastrum, Maharishi, Marshall Artist & Chevignon... ***NEWSFLASH*** ARRIVING IN STORE IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS LUXURY BRITISH BRAND BELSTAFF ( ONLY STOCKIST IN THE SOUTH WEST!) & AMERICAN SUPERBRAND POLO RALPH LAUREN !!!
Fabric Torquay
Fabric Torquay
Fabric Torquay4 days ago
Think I might need this to get home tonight ☔️
Fabric Torquay
Fabric Torquay4 days ago
A or B?
Fabric Torquay
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Cracking new Boss Hugo Boss just landed ....
2 weeks ago
Birthday Greetings @stephenpdmorris the only drummer in the world to play faster ..... but slower ! https://t.co/VviuzxPpL7 fabrictorquay photo
1 month ago
Birthday greetings to the legend @petersaville_i have made you a card should be ready in a few weeks 😉 @neworder @gillian_gilbert #factoryrecords https://t.co/qRuGglghEk fabrictorquay photo
1 month ago
Love @joydivision love @neworder sat watching @SkyArts Glasgow gig & kinda wish everyone could give each other a big hug @peterhook